aec is Hong Kong’s premier ecological consultancy. Established for over twenty years and we believe ecology and biodiversity to be an integral consideration to sustainable development. Through our expert team of biodiversity specialists, we work on a wide range of projects for a diverse client group locally and throughout the region.

Following a shift in management personnel we conducted an audit and overhaul of our IT capabilities. This soon revealed that out excel-based accounting practices, using multiple spreadsheets and inefficient filing systems, were no longer suitable for where we wanted to be as a company.  We wanted to be flexible in our working practices and to streamline our accounting so we could have real time information to help inform management decisions. Previously we would generate tables and sheets which all took (too much) time to compile and gather relevant data.  We knew there had to be a better solution out there.

Problems and issues faced prior to implementing Xero & WorkflowMax

This was led by Fresh. We also spoke to other SMEs that we know who have also lauded the ease and practicality of Xero.

The solution and why Xero & WorkflowMax were selected

Highlights and accomplishments of working with Fresh Accounting and the results achieved by moving to Xero​

Fresh are a great team to work with. Innovative, dynamic and forward thinking, every member of the team we have worked with has helped make our accounting lives easier.  They knew what we were after and helped to tailor to our needs. In short, they get it!


Dave Stanton

It was important for us to have remote access given the situation over past few years but also in line with our working practices. Many of our team work out in the field or on site, and the flexibility of not having to come to the office to complete timesheets made sense.  As Directors, being able to have our accounts online and accessible where or whenever we liked has helped tremendously.

Wish-list and selection process, why did AEC opt for a cloud based solution?