Digital transformation

Over the years, Fresh Accounting has collaborated with many exciting and dynamic businesses across Asia by helping design, implement and execute digital strategies to move to cloud-based accounting solutions. Xero is at the heart of our implementation projects, and here we share some case studies from our clients.

Investing in the future

In an age of digital disruption, we support businesses to evolve from thinking digital to being digital and leading from the pack to stay ahead of the digital trend. Our forward-looking and innovative team spend time with clients to understand their business. We have experience across a wide range of industries and work closely with clients to design a solution that supports businesses going digital.

Lead, don't follow

With the rise of emerging cloud technologies and solutions, such as Xero, along with demands on your business, customers, and supply chain, incremental innovation is no longer enough. Your business must invest in technology and solutions to grow and stay ahead of disruption and competitors.

Digital capabilities

We have unparalleled knowledge, tools, and expertise to help businesses implement all round cloud-based solutions. We provide an implementation of cloud-based software, training, and technical support. Most companies will not necessarily find the talent and tools in-house. Fresh Accounting supports clients as an external provider to implement digital cloud solutions.

The benefits of digital transformation for accounting

  • Scalable and flexible solutions
  • Cost-effective
  • Remote working and access
  • Direct Bank feeds with specific banks for transactions to flow automatically and daily
  • Real-time information for decision making
  • Automation for the reduction in duplication and human error
  • Efficient workflows and processes
  • Increased visibility of financial data and reporting
  • Cashflow reporting in real time
  • Paperless accounting with invoices and receipts attached to transactions
  • Full audit trail and history
  • Available ecosystem solutions and add-ons for many areas of your business and bespoke reporting

Transformative times for traditional businesses

The old way of doing things can be very comfortable, and the idea of learning a new generation of systems can be intimidating. The perception of costs associated with embracing new technology can make us nervous. Going digital can be concerning when we rely on security and confidentiality, especially when servers are maintained in-house.

We help businesses navigate the journey and transition from traditional to digital and support clients by evolving workflows as systems go digital.

Get your head in the cloud

Businesses need to move past their misgivings about today’s digital cloud-based world in which we are living. Continued hesitation will prove costly as competitors invest in cloud accounting and cloud-based solutions.

By moving to cloud accounting, businesses can change how they work and become more efficient and agile, allowing them to be forward-looking in a digital world

Enhanced security

Working in the cloud does not mean we are leaving information floating around mid-air, just waiting for someone to access it. The cloud is a series of secure, vast servers across multiple locations allowing solutions to operate in an environment that keeps your business data up to date. Data is stored in real-time with monitoring, automatic software updates and fully integrated anti-virus, anti-ransomware, and anti-malware protection. The cloud uses multiple locations worldwide, guarding against a single site going down and taking your data with it.

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