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From an individual trader to a multi-million-dollar turnover business, Fresh Accounting provides a tailored accounting solution to suit your needs and requirements and specialises in cloud-based accounting solutions.

Over the years, we have established an excellent reputation for our services and can provide professional accounting advice and management solutions in an efficient and friendly manner.

Cloud accounting

As a Xero Platinum Certified Advisor, we can assist you with all aspects of using Xero, including implementation, training, technical support, optimisation, remote management, and handling all your accounting needs.

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CFO for hire

It is essential to know that you are only a phone call or email away from an experienced CFO who can advise and oversee your business. Fresh Accounting partners with Spotlight Reporting to provide detailed and concise information to help your business grow.

Fresh offers experienced CFOs on a part-time or project basis as we understand business owners may not require a CFO full-time.

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Digital transformation

Over the years, Fresh Accounting has collaborated with many exciting and dynamic businesses across Asia by helping design, implement and execute digital strategies to move to Xero and other cloud-based ecosystem solutions. Xero is at the heart of our implementation projects, and here, we share some case studies from our clients.

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As a Xero Platinum Certified Advisor, we can assist you with all aspects of using Xero including implementation, training, technical support and remote management, as well as handling all your accounting needs.

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Xero ecosystem

We do not just stop at offering Xero. We can also discuss a host of fantastic add-ons and ecosystem software that compliment Xero and add value to your Xero subscription.

As one of the leading Xero partners, Fresh Accounting can help transform and help grow your business. Our cloud-based solutions enable you to focus on revenue-driving initiatives rather than on addressing time-consuming, non-core business tasks.

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What sets us apart

Fresh Accounting is one of Asia’s leading and innovative accounting firms, offering professional accounting services, CFO services, and digital transformation powered by Xero. We have a diverse clientele across Asia and with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Nepal.

Powered by Xero, look at what Fresh can offer and how we can implement services into your business, shaping the way you do business daily.

Additional accounting services

  • Monthly accounting

    We can provide monthly accounting services to ensure you have up-to- date management accounts and meaningful financial information, helping you make decisions quickly. We will work closely with you to ensure that we are integrated with your business.

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  • Quarterly accounting

    For younger businesses, we can offer quarterly accounting services. Ensuring you receive quarterly management accounts, providing the information you need to continue growing your business with meaningful financial information, and helping you make decisions.

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  • Yearly Accounting

    For holding companies to business start-ups with minimal transactions, we can offer yearly accounting services to ensure management accounts are prepared and ready for audit. You do not need to worry about the annual hassle.

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  • Payroll Services

    Whether you are a team of one to a group of over one hundred employees, Fresh can assist with all aspects of payroll, from calculating salaries and pensions to making monthly salary payments on your behalf.

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  • Treasury

    Fresh Accounting can support your business with all aspects of banking, from setting up payments for approval to suppliers, employee expenses employee payroll and to authorising payments on your behalf. No more banking hassles.

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  • Audit Support

    Whether we provide monthly, quarterly, or annual accounting, we can support your business by handling the audit process on your behalf and ensure that the accounts are audited and filed on time. Auditing with Xero made easier.

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