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Problems and issues faced prior to implementing Xero

In Hong Kong we had always relied excessively on excel files for managing our bookkeeping and our use of MYOB was limited to annual reporting with access to the accounting process essentially restricted to just one or two operations staff. Our accounting system was clearly fragile in terms of reliability and security. 

Wish-list and selection process, why did Dale Carnegie opt for a cloud based solution?

Xero allowed multiple users including management to access the system at any time. The automatic feed from our bank into the system allowed us to track and reconcile our financial transactions more efficiently and effectively. Moving to the cloud also facilitated data storage and back-up.   

The solution and why Xero, was selected

We selected Xero due to its ease of use and access, the fact that it was cloud based and the support that we obtained from Fresh Accounting to allow us to migrate to this system in Hong Kong.  

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