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The problems and issues prior to implementing Xero. This will help us understand why you decided to change to Xero

As a fully digital startup, we did not want paper. We work with SaaS products every day from an e-commerce perspective, and from previous businesses, we know how archaic accounting can be. We started fresh on Xero. We ran it for a few months whilst our company went through its proof of concept and then looked for a Xero partner in Hong Kong who could help us navigate the local landscape but also had experience of the UK and Europe. We found Fresh through the Xero partner page, and we were off.

The wish list and selection of software you considered and how important was the decision of opting a cloud-based solution

We only had Xero on our list. Coming from the UK and setting up the business in Hong Kong, we wanted worldwide and scalable software. As lots of our clients use Xero, too, it made perfect sense to opt for Xero. We were aware of other solutions such as QuickBooks, however, felt this was too much aimed at self-employed type business owners. We want to grow and never re-platform our accounting.

The solution and why Xero and Dext were selected

We choose Xero and Dext so everything can be digital. Our business is global, and now our accounting and expenses are too. We can access from our IOS devices, and laptops, no matter where we are in the world or who’s office, we are in.

All in all, it’s been a dream using Xero with Fresh, as it allows us to be efficient and focus our efforts on growing our business.

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