Sassy Media Group

Sassy Media Group is a digital media company with brands in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Sassy Media Group operate the very popular Sassy and Sassy Mama brands and have been in operation since 2010.


The business began life as an electronic newsletter for those who just did not have time to scour the streets for the hip and happening. It has continued to deliver information direct to the inbox of subscribers several times a week and through their website and highly engaged social media platforms.

Fresh Accounting have been lifesavers in getting us transitioned to Xero and this change has allowed us the flexibility to analyze our financial position and invoicing without being tied to a certain computer which was our challenge in the past. 

Problems and issues faced prior to implementing Xero

We were referred to Fresh Accounting and since we had a good feeling about them as a company we decided to make the switch to Xero since they were loyal to that software and they encourage their clients to use Xero when working with them. We were ready (but nervous) to move to something more sophisticated in nature and knowing the Fresh Team could train us on Xero gave us the push we needed to sign up and start using it in our company.

The solution and why Xero was selected

Highlights and accomplishments of working with Fresh Accounting and the results achieved by moving to Xero​

I feel so secure in their hands, which allows me to focus on other parts of my business knowing that our finances are in great hands with professionals who know best.

Maura Thompson, Founder

We were using a software before which had its limitations as it only had access via one computer. This was very time consuming as you had to rely on one person to pull reports. With a cloud based solution we know have the ability to access our account from any computer and our Managing Directors are also more empowered to run reports and make decisions based on what they are seeing in Xero.

Wish-list and selection process, why did Sassy opt for a cloud based solution?